What’s Your Life Story — in 150 Words?

The Reader’s Digest recently asked readers to submit their life story — in 150 words or less.

With over 6,000 submissions, Facebook followers voted and RD picked the best from the top 100. Check out the winners; they’re all excellent. If I had to pick my favorite, I’d go with “A Meaningless Diagnosis” or perhaps “I’ve Got Dirt: Memoirs of Your Housekeeper,” or… Okay, I can’t pick a favorite.

Although I heard about this too late to participate, it makes for a great writing exercise.

I’m still cogitating how to condense my life story down to 150 words but ifI do, I’ll add it as a comment.

How about you? Share your 150-word life story with us. There will be no prizes, but it will be a great writing exercise.

One thought on “What’s Your Life Story — in 150 Words?

  1. RD’s contest turned out a great number of interesting stories. The ” … Diagnosis” story is one of the top 10 imo.

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