When Should You Write?

In developing as a writer, it is critical to write every day – or at least almost every day.

The first step in doing so is to determine the best time for you to write. If writing is important, then give it the best part of your day; make it a priority. Don’t give it your leftover time or squeeze it in between lessor activities. Schedule time to write; consider it like a job. Even if you aren’t writing to generate income, you need to treat it as seriously as your vocation or you will fail to develop as a writer.

Only you can determine the best time for you to write – and it may require some experimenting. Some people like to arise early to write, while others prefer midday after their worldly distractions have been sufficiently dispatched. Other writers like to wrap of their day tapping out their words on a keyboard and some even opt for the middle of the night – be it as a regular occurrence or a response to insomnia.

Look at your life, your schedule, and your responsibilities. Then pick a time to devote to the craft of writing. It may not be easy, but good things seldom are. And it may require some trial and error to hone in on the ideal time for you.

(I found that early morning is best for me, often getting up around 5 am and working for an hour or two. I write no later than 8 am (usually 7), segueing into my day and beginning my day job. I’ve even found myself writing in the middle of the night, but not too often. Middays I am too distracted and evenings I am too tired to produce anything worthwhile.)

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