Recommended Podcasts for Writers and Content Producers

Podcasts provide practical on-the-go instruction—and entertainment

Recommended Podcasts for Writers and Content Producers

I listen to many podcasts, between five to ten hours a week. Most cover writing or publishing and a few (not listed here) address other areas of interest. I listen in the car, during lunch, and as I work around the house. I access all through iTunes and listen to my iPod.

I select podcasts to help me become a better writer and producer of content. Of course easy-to-listen-to hosts, as well as overall quality are also important. With so many options to pick from, I don’t want to waste my time.

Here is a list of my current, can’t-miss podcasts, in order of preference:

  • The Creative Penn (Joanna Penn) addresses writing from the perspective of a successful indie author and about one hour, weekly:
  • The Writership Podcast looks at the beginning pages of a novel and discusses its strengths and weaknesses; about 40 minutes, weekly:
  • Writing Excuses is a team of four accomplished writers who discuss the craft of writing; up to twenty minutes, weekly:
  • Novel Marketing discusses novel marketing, much of which can apply to nonfiction, too; about twenty minutes, schedule varies:
  • The Self-Publishing Podcast covers an array of topics relating to self-publishing and treating writing as a business (these guys are crass and by intention, their recordings carry the “explicit” rating, so be forewarned); about one hour, weekly:
  • Authority Self-Publishing also addresses self-publishing; the length and frequency vary: These podcasts help me become a better writer and producer of content. Click To Tweet

I also have a string of alternate shows and listen to some episodes based on the practical application of specific topics. They are all good, professional productions, but since I have limited time to listen, I must be selective:

  • On the Media considers all things media related, some of which includes writing, publishing, and books; just under an hour, weekly:
  • Story Grid Podcast discusses the art of writing a book: under an hour, weekly: story
  • The Portfolio Life (Jeff Goins) covers how creative people can build a portfolio of work to make a difference; up to an hour, weekly:
  • ProBlogger Podcast shares tips to be a successful blogger; at least weekly, varying lengths:
  • This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt looks at intentional leadership, with references to writing, marketing, and platform building; thirty to forty-five minutes, weekly:
  • Social Media for Authors is no longer being produced, but it does have relevant information; up to fifteen minutes:

This list is long and no doubt, daunting. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Pick one to check out and go from there.

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