Make One Point Per Post

Another blogging tip is to make one, and only one, point per post. Trying to cover two or more points is a distraction that will turn off readers, cause confusion, or risk them missing key communication.

For some bloggers this is easy, while for others, sticking to one point is difficult; but remember, we respect our readers with concise, focused writing. Keeping our posts short will help us achieve the goal of one point per post.

To re-enforce our one point, we can certainly make sub-points, often in the form of a numbered or bulleted list. If the explanation of each sub-point balloons out of control, then perhaps each sub-point needs to be a separate post.

Usually, I know what my one point is before I begin writing. Other times, the point emerges as I type my explanation of the title. If a second point materializes, I just break the text into two posts.

Some bloggers have a free-form style; their writing is a stream-of-consciousness narrative. They have no idea where their writing will take them and neither do readers. I think this is sloppy, a sign of undisciplined writing. While some bloggers who do this have a following anyway, most avoid falling into this habit. We should do the same.

What do you think about making just one point per post? Is this hard or easy for you to do?

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