Your Turn: What Writers Conferences Do You Attend?

Participating in writing conferences is a great opportunity to move forward as writers

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Writing conferences offer many benefits. They provide education, encouragement, networking, and making friends. At conferences we can learn about writing, the industry, and promotion. We can meet editors, publishers, and agents. We forge friendships. And we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a writing community.

I have a goal to attend two writing conferences each year. This year I went to three:

Each one helps me improve as a writer. They are essential to my career.

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It’s not too early to begin planning which conferences to attend next year, so for this month please help us out and share which writing conferences you attend or recommend.

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2 thoughts on “Your Turn: What Writers Conferences Do You Attend?”

  1. I attend Inspirational Writer’s Alive-Houston, Texas. It’s a small conference, but it’s in my hometown!

    I’ve heard there is a good one in California in March or April. Does anyone know the name of it?

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