Content Marketing

Peter DeHaan provides commercial freelance writing servicesContent Marketing and Blog Writing Service

Use articles and blog posts to fuel your content marketing strategy or round out your company blog. Choose from custom content written specifically for you or shared content for the cost-conscious.

Custom Content (exclusive to you and your company)

  • Peter can write on most any topic you request.
  • These posts will not be sold to others.
  • The rates are $150 per post.

Generic Content (not exclusive to you or your company)

  • TAS Case Studies show how a telephone answering service solves business’s communication problems. These are currently available and cost only $25 each.
  • New Themes can be requested.

Posts are typically 500 words. These posts can be used on your company blog or in your company newsletter.

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Peter DeHaan is an author, blogger, editor, and publisher who has written over 2,000 articles and blog posts on a variety of subjects. He can do the same for you with his accessible, easy-to-follow, no-nonsense writing style.



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