Seven Tips to Successful Blogging

If blogging is a form of self-publishing, then is writing a blog post the same as other writing? No! Here are seven blogging tips to be a successful blogger:

1) Make your title search engine friendly: Forget clever titles; aim for SEO — and to get readers’ attention. If search engines don’t like you, no one will find you.

2) Make one point per post: The point of this post is how to blog successfully; the sub-points reinforce that; anything else is a distraction.

3) Keep it short: Our online attention span is fleeting, so keep posts under 300 words, 200 is even better.

4) Use lists: Numbered lists or bullet points make your post easy to read.

5) Make it scannable: People tend to scan while reading online. The careful use of bold text aids in scanning. Sometimes italics helps, but avoid underlining because it looks like a link.

6) Link to your blog: When you make relevant comments on other blogs, link back to yours. But never spam them or leave generic feedback; it will end up biting you.

7) Ask for comments: Blogs are about engagement. Ask a question to start the conversation.

What advice would you add? (Remember to link to your blog.)