Removing Ads from Websites: A Writing Q & A

Question: My website is through WordPress puts ads on my website. Is there anything I can do about this?

Writing Q and A
Though this is frustrating, it’s a reasonable tradeoff for a free website solution.

While some readers will overlook the ads, others don’t. Another concern is ads for things that you might not like, appreciate, or agree with.

As part of their business plan, places advertising on your site so they can offset the cost of them offering it to you for free. If you upgrade to a Premium plan, they will remove the ads and provide extra features. Here is a link that explains it:

Or you can switch to and enjoy even more features and greater control over your website, and with no ads. This does take extra work and incurs an added expense, but for many people, this is worth it for all the added features and control.

If this is daunting, the WordPress community is helpful in answering questions and simplifying the learning curve. The most challenging step is the first one: finding a host and getting set up. Here’s a post about WordPress.

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