Why I’m Bullish about Printed Books

The future for print books is strong and ripe with opportunity

Why I'm Bullish about Printed BooksMichael Weinstein, in his “Publishing Panorama” blog at BookBusinessMag.com, posted this headline: “Report from the Publishing Business Conference: This Just In: Sky Not Falling!” This was four years ago. I think his conclusions are even more true today.

Citing many credible and reputable sources, he builds a case for a strong future in print publishing, quite contrary to the naysayers who frequently spout, “Print is dead.”

Two of his key takeaways are “Real quality matters more than ever. Never forget what beautiful objects books are,” and “the world does not need another book, it does need another original and well-done book.”

He concludes his comments by saying, “We’re publishing differently; we might be delivering some content differently. But passion still counts and quality will always count most of all.

Although the book publishing industry is undergoing great change, this does not have to be a bad thing. With change comes opportunity and for those who are willing to adjust their thinking to include new perspectives, the opportunities are many. So don’t believe those who warn that the publishing sky is falling; it’s simply not true.Although the book publishing industry is undergoing great change, with change comes opportunity. Click To Tweet

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