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Peter DeHaan books: Women of the Bible: The Victorious, the Victims, the Virtuous, and the ViciousWomen of the Bible: The Victorious, the Victims, the Virtuous, and the Vicious

How does God really feel about women? Listen to some people in church. Watch what they do. You might think God views women as second class. Far from it.

The truth is, the Bible has story after story about how fascinating women are. They’re more nuanced than men, have profound insights we often overlook, and can teach us wisdom that both sexes need to hear.

Women of the Bible digs deep into these Bible stories and uncovers how they rise above their circumstances—even though society pushes them down.

Peter DeHaan books: 95 Tweets - Celebrating Martin Luther in the 21st Century,95 Tweets: Celebrating Martin Luther in the 21st Century

Celebrate the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther when he posted his list of ninety-five concerns to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg on October 31, 1517.

Most Protestants have heard of Martin Luther, but they know little more.

In 95 Tweets discover what Luther said in his history-changing document that people talk about but have never read.

Peter DeHaan books: How Big Is Your Tent: A Call for Christian Unity, Tolerance, and LoveHow Big is Your Tent? A Call for Christian Unity, Tolerance, and Love

Consider Christian unity, tolerance, and love in How Big is Your Tent?

This groundbreaking book will challenge the way you think about Christian unity.

Redefine your definition of tolerance.

Show you what love in action looks like. And it just might help you see how big your tent can grow.

Upcoming Books From Peter DeHaan

52 Churches: A Yearlong Journey Encountering God, His Church, and Our Common Faith (target publication fall 2018)

Dear Theophilus: A 40 Day Devotional Exploring the Life of Jesus through the Gospel of Luke (target publication winter 2018)

Dear Theophilus Acts: 40 Insights from the Book of Acts for Today’s Church

Woodpecker Wars: Discovering the Spirituality of Everyday Life

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