What Spurs You On In Your Writing?

Are you fortunate to love what you do?

In last week’s post I said writing is fun. While acknowledging that some writers don’t like to write, I am the opposite: I love to write.

A number of things contribute to my joy of writing:

  • I see improvement in my writing: Whenever I read my past work, I’m struck with the realization that my writing is better today than it was five years ago, one year ago, and even a few months ago. I am always learning and seek to apply new techniques. Though I will never complete my writing education, seeing progress is one cause for joy.
  • What Spurs You On In Your Writing?I find satisfaction in each completed writing project: Each time I finish a project, regardless of its length, I take time to celebrate my accomplishment. For smaller works my congratulatory pause lasts only a few moments. (When I finish this post I’ll celebrate with breakfast.) For longer works, such as a book, I might even take a day to revel in my accomplishment. And these emotional boosts cause me to anticipate finishing another project and re-experiencing the thrill of a job done well.
  • I make money from my writing: For freelance work and ghostwriting there’s the added joy of a paycheck awaiting me at the end of each job. The payoff is quick, and that motivates me. While some of my writing will never earn a paycheck and other work has a payout far into the future, each check I do receive makes me want to write more.
  • I give to others through my writing: Writing has many purposes. It can entertain, encourage, teach, or challenge. As others read my words I serve them in one of these ways. I write for my readers. I give them something of value. Your appreciation gives me joy.

These are reasons why I write. I’m fortunate I can do what I love.Do you like to write? What spurs you on in your writing? Click To Tweet

What spurs you on in your writing? Why do you write? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “What Spurs You On In Your Writing?”

  1. My goal to improve my writing skills spurred me on to write more consistently. Thus, I decided to write a weekly blog to reach that goal. While it is hard to find the time each week, I am noticing vast improvement. To be good at anything, we have to practice.
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