Start Calling Yourself a Writer

Last week, in “Four Steps to Becoming a Writer,” I mentioned the guy who said, “All my life I knew I wanted to be a writer, but I wasn’t writing.”

My story’s the opposite. All my life I was writing, but I only recently knew I wanted to be a writer. So I went to work to become one:

  • I started blogging.
  • I read books about writing.
  • I attended writers’ conferences.
  • I followed blogs about writing.
  • I joined a critique group.
  • I became friends with other writers.

But none of these made me feel like a writer, so I started acting like one.

  • I wrote every day.
  • I developed a professional website.
  • I started this blog about writing.
  • I had a professional headshot taken.
  • I spoke about writing.
  • I ordered business cards.
  • I staked my claim on social media sites.

But the turning point came when I started calling myself a writer. At that moment a switch flipped in my brain. All these steps aided in my journey, but it wasn’t until I said it aloud that I actually believed it.

“Hi, I’m Peter, and I’m a writer. How about you?”

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