My Writing Goals for 2012

Last April I shared my five writing goals in the post, What are Your Goals as a Writer?

Goal setting is both recommended and wise, but alas, I did one thing wrong: I failed to specify the time for completion. This was a serious omission that stymies most goal-setters. Here is how I did:

  • To complete my dissertation: The “final” version has been submitted. The best-case scenario is that there will be a batch of “corrections,” followed by my oral defense.
  • To complete a biography I am writing: This is done! (But may need to be revised.)
  • To redo and update my author website ( This is a work in progress—I’ll keep you posted.
  • To begin building my platform as a writer: This journey has begun.
  • To find an agent—and a publisher: No progress. (This was bad goal setting on my part for two reasons: it is actually two goals in one and completion is largely outside of my control.)

Though I can offer excuse and explanation for my less than ideal performance, the reality is that I fell short. While I refuse to wallow in guilt over my shortcomings, I now have greater motivation to complete the following batch of goals and to do so by year-end. They are:

  • To fully and totally complete my dissertation
  • To unveil my revised website
  • To complete the first draft of one book
  • To start book two
  • To query agents

While I will share noteworthy news on these throughout the year, check back in 12 months for the results.

What are your goals as a writer?

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