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How to Format Your Submission

How to Format Your SubmissionHow to Format Your Submission is an essential guide for writers who want to present their work to editors and publishers in a standard, professional format. Once you produce your best work, you need to present it properly so that it stands the best chance of being read and accepted.

Now more than ever, editors and publishers are pressed for time, and a well-presented submission will get their attention and increase the chances for success. Given a choice between a hard-to-read proposal and a well-formatted one, the better-looking one will always be consider first, regardless of the quality of the writing. The proposal with a substandard presentation may not even get read.

Peter DeHaan is a veteran magazine publisher and editor, having read thousands of submissions ranging from professional to sloppy. He shares his years of experience in this simple, yet essential guide that every serious writer should follow.

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