13 Movies About Writing

There are a lot of movies about writing and even more when you consider movies that have writers as characters. Here’s my initial list:

  • Paris When it Sizzles
  • Alex & Emma
  • The Muse
  • My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend
  • Never Been Kissed
  • Finding Forrester
  • Finding Neverland
  • Stranger Than Fiction
  • As Good as it Gets
  • Limitless
  • Romancing the Stone
  • Nim’s Island
  • Paris After Midnight

What movies would you add to the list? What are some of your favorites?

3 thoughts on “13 Movies About Writing

  1. I’d also add The Lost Weekend, Misery, The Shining, Barton Fink, Sunset Boulevard. There’s something about the internalized nature of writing that makes writers perfect characters for psychological thrillers or horror movies.

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