UR Turn: Who’s Your Favorite Author?

We love some authors so much, that we buy every book they publish

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If you were to ask me who’s my favorite author, I’d shrug and say, “I don’t know.” However, that would be wrong. From my perspective, one author rises above all others: Robin Mellom. I’ve gushed about her in the past.

I bought her debut novel, Ditched, which she re-published as Perfect Kiss. It’s a young adult rom-com (romantic comedy). I loved it so much, that I’ve gone on to read every book she’s published—except for her most recent one, which is on my Christmas wish list. I continue to read her books, even though most of them are middle-grade fiction, which I typically don’t consider.

That covers my favorite fiction author.

My favorite author: I’ll automatically buy her next book just because she wrote it. Click To Tweet

What about nonfiction? Though I’ve read multiple books from many nonfiction authors, none of them rises to the top to become a favorite. There are none of them who I’ll automatically buy their next book just because they wrote it. I’ll save that status for Robin.

That’s my story.

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4 replies on “UR Turn: Who’s Your Favorite Author?”

Robert B. Parker, the Jesse Stone novels. I’ve read each book at least three times. The stories seem real. I can’t put them down. Some of the Jesse Stone novels have been made into movies starring Tom Selleck, so now when I read the stories I picture him as the main character. Too bad Parker passed away.

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