Seven Tips For Effective Blogging

Here is the final installment in our series on using WordPress for blogging: a platform-building, book-selling tool.

For the first six posts, we covered the technical aspects of setting up and using a WordPress blog. In this post, I’ll share implementation tips.

  1. Maintain a Regular Schedule: We respect readers by providing them new content on a regular basis. Don’t blog every day for a week and then disappear for months. Set a schedule and then follow it. I recommend starting with one post a week.
  2. Have a Focused Theme: Pick a topic for your blog, and then stick to it. Make sure it’s not too broad, but ensure you have enough ideas to keep it going.
  3. Keep it Short: When it comes to blogging, less is more. Concise posts honor readers and acknowledges the short attention span of most people.
  4. Make it Scannable: Use bullet points, numbered lists, subheadings, and bold to make posts quick to scan and easy to absorb key points.
  5. Proof Before Posting: The best time to correct a mistake is before it’s published. Take whatever steps necessary to double check your work. When you find an error afterwards, fix it quickly.
  6. Publicize Your Post: Share posts on social media so other people can find it and follow good search engine optimization (SEO) practices so search engines can find it. too.
  7. Interact with Readers: Invite comments and respond appropriately. Build community.

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